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House Of My Glory USA

Welcome to House of My Glory USA we are a church centered family, sedigned to meet the needs of the family, where we are building people through prayer, the power of God, purpose, and prosperity to equip them in a better way to meet the needs of each family

We Can't Wait To See You

Sunday is a time that we really look forward to here at CDMG USA. It’s when we get to see all of  our diverse family of believers again. And the best part is… God shows up to be in service with us!

We are believing that great things are going to happen this Sunday morning and afternoon. Join us for a faith filled service of praise, worship and the Word of God

We believe that your life will be transformed and you will never be the same, because in Jesus Christ we are made complete!

Our Mission

CDMG USA is committed to fulfilling a four-fold mission. Our primary reason for being is to:

  1. To Evangelize the world
  2. Worship God
  3. Disciple believers
  4. Show compassion